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AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project
AL-Katheeb Resort Lakes Project is considered Yemen’s first international tourist resort. Located along the Gulf of AL-Hodeida on the red sea coast in Yemen, Alkatheeb Resort Lakes extends along a 6 km multiple breathtaking bays of dazzling natural scenery.

AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project - AL- Jondoul Zone
AL- Jondoul Zone IS extending over a seafront façade of 3675 m along “AL-Katheeb” shore, around wonderful characteristic and unique formations of waterways.
This zone houses a 7500 m2 area of entertainment and commercial facilities, in addition to a variety of residential units exclusively designed to accommodate different needs.

AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project - Dream Islands Zone
Three interconnected islands of different sizes, sea view and scenery surrounded by stretches of golden beaches. In a prime exclusive spot on the larger island, a private ladies spa is located along with all complementing entertainment facilities, while the Marina and Yacht Club are the main attraction on the smaller island.

AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project - Blue Gulf "Lagona" Zone
This zone overlooks a wide exclusive crescent-shaped bay with its expansive golden beach and turquoise water. Overlooking the bay, prime villas with private beaches stand whereas the other residential complexes are surrounded by lush gardens.
Here, the Resort’s main center, with all the activities and facilities, is set apart from the residential areas, and is directly connected to all the main and side roads

AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project - Al-Sondoseya Zone
 This is the green heart of the Resort Lakes with its 18-hole golf course complemented by an exclusive club house and numerous restaurants overlooking the lagoon. The golf course is surrounded by private villas with vast blossoming gardens; other groups of prime villas are directly situated on the shore, each with its own private beach.

AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project - Al-Janaby Zone
Al-Janaby is a natural island which was transformed into a fabulous peninsula in the gulf featuring a diverse panorama of natural scenery. Interconnected with both “Lagona “and “Al-Marassi “zones through water bridges. The central area of this zone hosts frits class entertainment services such as exclusively located hotels, aqua parks, an amusem parks, restaurants, cafes, a shopping mall and boutiques.

AL-Katheeb Resort Lake Investment Project - Al-Marassi Zone
 Facing “Al-Katheeb” harbor, Al-Marassi zone enjoy a superb panoramic sea view rendering it the prime spot for the nautical center of the Resort.
Here, too, a large complex of restaurants is situated on an island and connected to the main land. Likewise, exclusive mansions with private beach stand on man-made bays overlooking the open sea.